Fried Cabbage


Fried Cabbage - for Wealth

Head of fresh cabbage
Onion – medium in size
Salt and Pepper
Large frying skillet (I prefer my cast iron skillet)


1. Thinly slice entire head of cabbage (as if you are making coleslaw)
2. Cut bacon up in small strips prior to frying (will be making bacon bits)
3. Dice onion
4. Fry bacon until crispy, remove from skillet, set aside.
5. Sauté onions in bacon grease 2-3 minutes
6. Increase the heat on your skillet as you begin adding the thinly sliced cabbage.  Sometimes you have to add the cabbage in batches, depending on the size of  the head of cabbage.  As the cabbage wilts, you will be able to get the entire head in one skillet.  Once all the cabbage is in the skillet, add Salt and Pepper to taste.  Continue turning the cabbage as if fries.  As the cabbage wilts and turns a bit brown it’s time to add the bacon bits, continue to turn cabbage and once bacon is mixed well cabbage will be done. 


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