Why Measure?

Often subject to taxation and strict regulations, the accurate measurement of flare gas has a variety of benefits that go beyond avoiding overtaxation on emissions or liability to penalties.

Knowing how much gas is flared or vented allows you to reduce emissions. This data can also generate revenue by selling the gas or create savings through onsite re-use. In addition, the wealth of data received lets you check for mass-balance calculation irregularities, thus identifying potential leaks before they pose a risk to health and safety.

With zero flaring being the focus of international regulations and NGO initiatives, managing your flare gas emissions is not only industry best practice, but puts you at the forefront of a more sustainable way to use natural resources. 

Why Ultrasonic?

Unlike other technologies, ultrasonic measurement is not impacted by the composition or cleanliness of the gas flow. It delivers good repeatability regardless of turndown ratio or temperature ranges.

As Fluenta transducers are non-intrusive and do not have any moving parts, the requirements for maintenance and support are minimal. In fact, ultrasonic meters do not need shutdowns for installation or maintenance. This keeps the lifetime costs low and boosts return on investment.

Ultrasonic meters are the only devices which can deliver highly accurate results in flaring applications. While typical regulations today ask for 5% accuracy, only ultrasonic technology has the potential to keep up with stricter requirements.

The Fluenta Difference

The transducers of the FGM 160 are non-intrusive, meaning they are less prone to the build-up of dirt and corrosion which can impact the measurement accuracy, and do not affect gas flow. The extreme high velocity of flare gas typically causes damage to all intrusive parts of an instrument. With the FGM 160, the ultrasonic sensors are always installed flush to the inner pipe wall which gives the full flow profile measurement with the largest time resolution. This increases accuracy at low velocity and also protects the sensors from high velocity. Transducers which extend into the gas process are more likely to get damaged, increasing the need for repairs and replacement.

Learn more about The FGM 160 and the Fluenta difference in this video: 


Fluenta Ultrasonic Flare Gas Metering



  Minimal Footprint

Unlike many measurement solutions, the FGM 160 can be safely deployed even where there is limited space or a short distance of straight piping. This flexibility means that we are able to easily and unobtrusively deploy measurement devices within small sites and plants.

  Easy Installation

Fluenta’s product family is simple to install. Our team will deploy measurement devices where they are easily accessible.


Accurate measurement is our primary objective. We deploy the most accurate measurement techniques currently available. You can be assured that the FGM 160 constantly exceeds industry standards for accuracy.

 Low Maintenance 

The FGM 160 has no moving parts, meaning that you can truly “fit and forget”. Built to the highest standard, our flare gas measurement solution can be deployed in the harshest of environments and work accurately for years

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