O’Brien and TechStar Announce New Partnership for Thermal Process Management Solutions

Houston, TX – November 2, 2020: O’Brien and TechStar today announced they are forming a new partnership, bringing the thermal process management market a new, formidable option for product solutions and customer support in Texas and Oklahoma. O’Brien, an Ametek Thermal Process Management company, is a top manufacturer of heat trace and instrument enclosure equipment. TechStar is the leading full-service manufacturer representative in the Southern West, Midwest, and Gulf Coast regions.

TechStar now represents O’Brien’s advanced process analytical solutions, combining the capabilities of both partners to finally offer the process automation industry a robust, fully supported solution for thermal process management (including heat-traced and CEMS bundles, tubing, instrument enclosures, and installation services). Being the first and only heat-traced analytical solution represented by TechStar, O’Brien’s product line adds an exciting diversity to TechStar’s already robust lineup of instrumentation and analytical solutions. TechStar and O’Brien’s new partnership brings a new level of service and diversity to the full-service heat tracing market.

O’Brien already offers exceptional support services for helping customers optimize the use of their equipment, and TechStar is known for being fully invested in supporting the products they represent. Now, customers will have an abundance of expertise helping them identify the best products for their applications, ensuring they get the complete solution for their unique needs. O’Brien and TechStar’s new alliance also means customers have TechStar as a one-stop shop helping them through purchasing, setup, maintenance, and training on their equipment.

About O’Brien

For over 50 years, O'Brien has been supplying the petrochemical, refining, pulp & paper, and power industries with quality products based on their heat transfer expertise. O’Brien’s recommendations and products reflect their knowledge of industry practices, regulations, and code requirements so clients are assured of a complete solution for their specific applications. O’Brien offers packages for common applications and also creates one-of-a-kind solutions for technically complex requirements. For more information, visit

About TechStar

Since 2001, TechStar has been the one-stop-shop for quality instrumentation and analytical devices, training, and application solutions. They are a leading manufacturer representative in the oil and gas, energy, water/wastewater, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. TechStar offers instrumentation solutions that encompass the entire lifecycle of products and services.

TechStar currently covers areas in the Southern West, Midwest, and Gulf Coast regions of the US but is rapidly expanding its footprint, with plans to announce significant new growth in the near future. With deep roots in every community they serve, TechStar’s culture focuses on building meaningful relationships between their partners and customers. For more information, visit

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