When it comes to our customers and their applications, we are always on call. Our technical resources create customized training based on your specific needs. Our small-scale sessions ensure you receive personal attention and content is tailored specifically for your team. Whether it be onboarding new personnel, training for specific products or a mandatory recertification to maintain compliance, we partner with you every step of the way to ensure your goals are met.



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For more information about our training programs, schedule time to meet with Emily Jones, TechStar's Customer Experience Coordinator, in this calendar. 
Emily Jones – TechStar Customer Experience Coordinator

Emily has a strong background in customer service. She works closely with our customer base, corporate trainers and manufacturers in continuing to develop and expand our technical training offering.

Contact Emily at any time to discuss:
– Specific training and development needs/objectives for personnel
– Custom training courses tailored to your company’s specific equipment needs
– Training options onsite at your location or TechStar Training Center Locations



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