Considered to be one of the most crucial tests in oil analysis, the importance of particle counting can’t be overstated. Particle counting helps identify potential problems in fluids and lubricants by monitoring and detecting the number and size of different particles in the oil sample. From spotting high contamination or wear conditions to checking turbine oil cleanliness, particle counting is an invaluable part of any oil analysis or condition monitoring program. Our Oil Health Monitoring Solution benefits include:

  • Prevents Unnecessary Maintenance
  • Provides The Most Advanced Warning of Any Sensor
  • Doesn't Count Phantom Particles, Bubbles, Additives, Etc. 
  • More Accountable Than Lab Particle Counts
  • Continuously Self-Calibrating

Whether it's avoiding unnecessary downtime or getting ahead of a process disruption, our Oil Health Monitoring Solutions are built with your time and bottom line in mind: