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We have an abundance of technical expertise within TechStar, and we are excited to share our library of TechStar Technical Talks. Our ever growing library includes sessions of in-depth analysis of applications, solutions and the overall process industry. Our T3 sessions highlight technical aspects of industries such as Oil & Gas, Water/Wastewater, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical and more.

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The learning doesn’t stop there! While we have a plethora of TechStar Technical Talks recorded, we haven’t covered everything! If you have a specific topic related to your process that customers like you the ability to schedule a 1:1 call or video conference with one of our technical resources. Discuss a specific application, sensor or anything regarding your process or facility at a time that is convenient for you.
Sort through our T3 library to find a specific solution, manufacturer or application.

  • Different Types of Pressure Solutions
  • TechStar/Yokogawa Pressure Solutions
  • Featuring TechStar's Own, Jason Ballard

  • Common Level Measurement Applications
  • TechStar's Level Measurement Solution Offerings
  • Featuring TechStar's Own, Craig Longcor

  • TechStar's Full Condition & Vibration Monitoring Services
  • Information On TechStar's & The Vibration Guys New Partnership
  • Featuring Jeremy Morton & Jack Staudt

  • A Practical Guide To Measuring Temperature
  • Hands-On Sensor Demonstration 
  • Featuring TechStar's Own, Jay Murray 

  • New Innovations In Wireless & Telemetry
  • TechStar/SignalFire Wireless Solutions
  • Featuring TechStar's Own, Jeff Reiser

  • New Condition & Vibration Monitoring Solutions
  • TechStar & BK Vibro's New Partnership
  • Featuring TechStar's Own, Jeremy Morton and BK Vibro's Glenn Poche

  • Different Types of Pressure Measurement
  • TechStar/Yokogawa Pressure Solutions
  • Featuring TechStar's Own, Jason Ballard

  • Interface Measurement On A Budget
  • Guided Wave Radar Application
  • Featuring TechStar's own Justin McDermott

  • Showcase of Different Flow Applications
  • TechStar & Yokogawa Flow Solutions 
  • Featuring TechStar's Own, Craig Longcor

  • Detailed Run Trough of SignalFire's I/O Products
  • How To Connect & Configure To Products 
  • Featuring Scott Keller From SignalFire 

  • Discuss Theories & Issues of Measuring pH
  • Clarify Calibration & Maintenance Procedures
  • Featuring Tim Roth From Yokogawa

  • How & Why Moisture Is Measured
  • Newest Moisture Solutions Offered
  • Featuring TechStar's Own, Shannon Dugan

  • Senscient ELDS Laser-Based Open Path
  • Common Gas Detection Applications 
  • Featuring Sean Cusack From MSA

  • How To Get The Most Accurate Measurement
  • Selecting The Right Temperature Sensor
  • Featuring Gary Prentice From Moore Industries

  • How Fluenta Uses The Time of Flight Method
  • Basic Set-Up of Fluenta Transducers
  • Featuring Alex Keys From Fluenta

  • Basics of Pressure & Types of Sensors
  • Operation & Calibration Best Practices
  • Josh Perry, Micheal Keller & Jason Pittman

  • Common Issues of Data Collection Today
  • Our Innovative Data Collection Solutions
  • Featuring Brad Byrum from TAS

  • Repercussions of Hazardous Seals
  • How To Minimize Installation Costs
  • Featuring TechStar's Own, Justin McDermott

  • Repercussions Of Obsolete Sensors
  • Benefits of The TechStar Solution
  • Featuring TechStar's Own, Justin McDermott

  • Measuring pH In Harsh Applications
  • Our Custom Application Solution
  • Featuring TechStar's Own, Adam Miller

  • Implementing A Catalyst Management Plan
  • Our SCR System Solutions 
  • Featuring TechStar's Own, Adam Miller

  • Benefits of Nuclear Level Measurement
  • What Improper Service Can Lead To
  • Featuring TechStar's Own, Justin McDermott

  • Common Water/Wastewater Instrumentation
  • TechStar's New Water/Wastewater Solutions
  • Featuring TechStar's Own, Jeff Reiser

  • Common Radar Level Measurement Applications
  • Breaking Down The Technology
  • Featuring TechStar's Own, Joey Blair

  • History & Innovations of Gas Detection 
  • New Solutions by TechStar & MSA
  • Featuring Dave Opheim from MSA

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