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Mobile Gas Detection

Although production pauses during downtime, hydrocarbons are still present in and around your facility. Even during inclement weather and power outages, your facility's safety process never takes time off.

MSA TruCal Gas Calibration Technology

Extend calibration intervals & validate electrochemical gas sensor performance. Learn how to reduce operational costs

Wirelessly Enabling Flow Meters

Learn how to make your measurement wireless using the SignalFire Ranger. TechStar is your one-stop-shop, get all your solutions on one purchase order!

Benefits & Differentiators of DPharp Pressure Transmitters

Jason Ballard, TechStar's Pressure Specialist, breaks down the benefits of Yokogawa Pressure & demonstrates how easy it is to set up!

Flare Gas Measurement Regulation Changes

It is now more important than ever to ensure that your flares are being monitored accurately. Learn of new industry regulations.

Vibration Monitoring at Power Plants

TechStar understands nuances to each application, and our consultative approach helps provide the proper solution to maximize uptime. 

6 Things To Consider In Flare & Combustor Gas Measurement

Use these 6 considerations to guide you through the process to choose a flow meter technology right for your specific flare gas application.

SignalFire Ranger | Sensor To Cloud

Effortlessly connect to your tanks in isolated areas that contain critical material for your production process. Learn more about how can remotely measure, configure, troubleshoot and update your sensor from SignalFire's cloud interface in this video: 

Direct Mass Measurement of Flare & Combustor Gas Flow

Flare stacks and combustors are used to burn waste gases from the plant, converting chemical and organic hydrocarbons into primarily water vapor & CO2. Learn how get an accurate measurement for your flare operation in our recent blog:

General Industry Level Measurement

Not all applications & facilities are created equal, so why should your instrumentation be? View our level measurement solutions for general industries such as Water/Wastewater, Food & Beverage, & Pharmaceutical

SignalFire Tilt Scout

The innovative Tilt Scout by SignalFire is your low cost, maintenance free, non-contact sensing solution to assist your process environmental & safety compliance. Avoid fees while gaining peace of mind. 

How Proper Level Instrumentation Can Alleviate Foam Headaches

Every facility has unique requirements, but what many of them have in common is frustration with foam. Access Magnetrol's FOAM IN THE FIELD white paper and learn how proper level instrumentation can alleviate foam headaches.

Analyzer Guide

Find the right analyzer for your application with simple, at-a-glance listings that are separated by the key markets we supply.

One-Tool Solution For Process Communication

Introducing the TechStar FLEX – the latest in HART Communicators! While not the first on the market, the FLEX is the more cost-effective and FLEXible option available, providing a one-tool solution for your programming, troubleshooting and HART maintenance needs.

Water/Wastewater Solutions

TechStar provides water and wastewater instrumentation solutions for level, pressure, flow, gas detection, analytics, automation, and control. Together with our partners, we help our customers identify key areas in both municipal and industrial markets that can benefit from the latest in modern technology. 

Process GC's: You Have Other Options!

Stop getting the run around from your current manufacturer! When it comes to Process GC's, there are other options out there! Yokogawa has been a leading manufacturer of GC's for the least 60 years. Learn more of the benefits of local resources.

VIBROSTORE 110 | Asset Monitoring At The Push Of A Button

Learn how to use VIBROSTORE 100 to monitor your machine and the advantages it brings to you compared to other products on the market

Yokogawa Food & Beverage Industry Solutions

The food & beverage industry must produce safe, high-quality products for consumers. In addition to quality control, the manufacturing processes include many challenges such as managing ingredients, improving efficiency, and handling global environmental issues.

Wireless Vibration Monitoring

Improve the availability ratio and profitability of plants with timely identification of health conditions and efficient maintenance of aged equipment

Add FLEXibility To Your HART Communicator

Our Intrinsically Safe Tablet, The TechStar FLEX, is the most advanced, efficient, lightweight, and rugged tablet purpose-built for Class 1 / Division 1 hazardous areas on the market today.

Breakdown of TechStar MLI

Phil Deaton, TechStar Level Measurement Specialist, breaks down the intricacies of our MLI & Bridle Solutions from Orion Instruments  

Upgrade Your Detector & Keep Your Source

Our detectors can be retrofitted on existing measurements where the source has become too weak to work with the current detector. 

One-Tool Solution For Process Communication

Introducing the TechStar FLEX – the latest in HART Communicators! The FLEX is the more cost-effective and FLEXible option available, providing a one-tool solution for your programming, troubleshooting and HART maintenance needs.

Tunable Diode Laser Spectrometry

Hear more from TechStar Analyzer Expert, Don Wyatt, on our Tunable Diode Laser Spectrometry technology and ts features & benefits.

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