We are excited to bring you a Principle of Instrumentation Free Preview! As your complete process technical resource, we invite you to further develop your knowledge in Process Technology & cure measurement headaches once & for all! Join us for any and all sessions or just stop by for happy hour: 

May 29th

Topics Included:

8AM – 10AM:

- Communication Basics
- HART Communication Basics
- Understanding Hazardous Area
- Signal Conditioning and Isolation
- Pressure Measurements
- Temperature Measurements

10:15AM – 12PM:

- Level Measurement

12PM – 1PM:

- Lunch

1PM – 3PM:

Flow Measurement Technologies (Liquid & Gas)

3:15PM – 5PM:

- Wireless Communication
- Mulitmeter Basics
- Calibration Tools and Their Uses
- Gas Detection

5PM – 7PM:

Happy Hour on TechStar