Untitled design (23)-Jan-13-2023-05-31-19-3872-PMGC8000

The GC8000 brings a number of important innovations in its gas chromatography analytical capabilities. For the first time, parallel chromatography is made practical with the introduction of the GC Module (GCM) concept. By setting up virtual GCs within a single analyzer, all chromatograph settings, displays, and data are truly segregated for easy understanding and maintenance. The GC8000 also has a built-in 12-inch color touchscreen display that dramatically simplifies maintenance.

Untitled design (23)-Jan-13-2023-05-48-45-7504-PMTA3000 GAS ANALYZER

Available in two models, the TA3000 gas analyzer is an isothermal gas chromatograph that can be configured with a reduction gas detector or flame ionization detector. The analyzer offers extreme measurement sensitivity from parts-per-million (ppm) down to low parts-per-billion (ppb) levels, and negligible matrix effects from permanent gases. Combined with the separating power of gas chromatography, it provides a unique system.

Untitled design (23)-Jan-13-2023-05-50-48-9326-PMPERMASTREAM STRIPPER FOR GAS CHROMATOGRAPHS

A sample conditioning system providing a constant clean and dry sample to analyzers/GCs/detectors for continuous analysis.The PermaStream Stripper, utilizing the KECO Membrane Technology, continuously strips hydrocarbons and other components of interest from a liquid sample streams for analysis by detector or Gas Chromatograph of choice (user provided).

Untitled design (23)-Jan-13-2023-05-52-36-3890-PMFUGITIVE EMISSION CONTROL

Fugitive Emission Eliminator: Operation of chemical, refineries, gas processing plants, and pipelines often requires the use of chemical analysis instrumentation. These instruments frequently require a pressure reference to atmospheric pressure for operation. This reference is frequently achieved by venting the sample to the atmosphere. These vented samples, generally called fugitive emissions, are air pollutants and contribute to worldwide pollution problems.