MULTILOG IMx-8 & IMx-16Plus

SKF Multilog devices provide a complete system for early fault detection. Improve the reliability, availability and performance of your rotating equipment with automatic advice for correcting existing or impending conditions. 

These compact devices offer 8/16 analogue and 2/4 digital channels, with connectivity to mobile devices and networks for easy configuration and monitoring. Machine intelligence from IMx data will help you avoid unplanned downtime and schedule maintenance proactively, prolonging machine availability and minimizing maintenance and repair costs. 

The IMx-8 and IMx-16Plus integrate easily with other IMx units and can connect with the SKF Cloud for storing and sharing data, enabling SKF Remote Diagnostic Services for expert reporting and recommendations. They are DIN rail mounted or can be housed in an IP65 cabinet to provide additional protection in demanding industrial environments.

  • IMx-8: 8 analogue and 2 digital inputs 
  • IMx-16Plus: 16 analogue and 4 digital    inputs 
  • Simultaneous measurements on all channels and configurable for true synchronous measurements 
  • PoE (Power over Ethernet) and/or 24 – 48 V DC 
  • 4 GB internal memory for data and event captures 
  • Data buffering in non-volatile memory when communication is down 
  • Improved Modbus TCP/IP & Modbus RTU capabilities including multiple & simultaneous use
  • Stand-alone mode or compatible with SKF @ptitude Observer 
  • Bluetooth configuration and data access in stand-alone mode via iOS and Android apps
  • App support for SAT (Site acceptance test)
  • Crash detection capability (machine tools)
  • Event and run cycle based long time waveform captures
  • Applicable to the wind energy, marine, machine tool and process industries

For the IMx-16Plus, only: 

  • LTE/GSM mobile data and Wi-Fi capabilities are built-in, as alternatives to hard wired Ethernet
  • In addition to the standard capability for the analogue channels to accept a range of vibration transducers, channels 9 to 16 support directly connected PT1000, temperature sensors P