Monitoring and maintaining diverse equipment in the field is an essential part of day-to-day operation in all process industries. From the acquisition and quantification of measurement data, to data storage systems, everything must configure seamlessly to ensure accuracy and reliability. The Sushi Sensor for Yokogawa reduces inspection man-hours of equipment and enables early detection of signs of abnormalities to prevent unexpected equipment shut-down, thus improving plant efficiency and productivity. Features include:

System Configuration figure of Sushi Sensor
  • Easy Installation
    • The rugged Sushi Sensor can be installed in harsh environments including hazardous areas
    • The wireless function, battery, and sensor are integrated in a single body
    • The LoRaWAN standard enables long-distance communication and thus flexible installation
    • Easy mounting with a screw or magnet
  • Easy Setting
    • Parameters can be set with a smartphone via near-field communication (NFC)
    • A user-friendly application is available for setting
  • Easy Data Collection & Monitoring
    • Data can be collected over a wide area via long-distance wireless communication
    • Collected data can be accessed from user applications regardless of the communication protocol